If you are a wellness business owner you have probably discovered that tech can be a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be. In fact, I have used tech to simplify my business, not make it more complicated.

In this article I reveal the tech platforms I currently use, what has changed from my wellness business and the things I would do differently.


I use Dubsado as my client management tool. Dubsado does invoicing, appointment scheduling, payment processings and even allows you to create automated workflows. But I didn’t start using Dubsado until I became a VA. 

I tried a few different client management tools as a health coach and I found that the best tool for client management depends on what your business focus is. When I had mostly personal training clients, a personal training platform provided the best way to manage clients, but when my business went to more nutrition clients, Practice Better became a better option. 

When I started offering more group programs and evergreen programs I found that I needed a platform that was better at one to many so I eventually transitioned to MemberVault.


Clickup is the project management tool that I use. I moved to Clickup when I started having to track my tasks for multiple clients. I’ve yet to dive into all the options that Clickup provides, but I really like how it helps me to keep all my tasks on track. I also love the ease of the calendar integration which is great for planning out my month.


Trello was the tool I used for project management before I switched to Clickup. I still use it for planning programs and courses and for some client interaction.

Trello is good if you like a visual board style layout. But many of it’s features require that you have a business account or at least to use power ups. When you need to manage tasks from several different clients at once it doesn't work very well. 


I’ve used MailerLite as my email marketing platform for quite a while. I started off using the free version and eventually moved over to a paid plan for my health coaching business. When I started up my VA business I created a new account to use for it.

Is Mailerlite the best email marketing platform? Probably not, but it meets my needs in a cost effective way.  I also got in to MailerLite before they increased prices so I have a hard time justifying something more expensive for my health coaching business.

I might consider switching to Active Campaign for my virtual assistant business. My list is small so I wouldn't be paying for one of their most expensive plans. And since many of my clients use it, I could stay on top of the platform more easily. 


I’m using WordPress for my virtual assistant business. I like the flexibility and after trying a couple of website builders I've found the interface for WordPress is much easier and more intuitive.

For my health coaching website I chose a different content management system. At the time Joomla and WordPress had a similar user base and Joomla could do things that WordPress couldn't. But now the tables have turned. Most websites are being built using WordPress and because of that there are more options for using WordPress.

If I’d known how easy it was to build a WordPress site I would’ve switched this site much sooner. Now I have the daunting task of moving over 100 blog posts.


I’ve mentioned a couple of times before how much I like MemberVault so a list of the tech I use wouldn't be complete without it. MemberVault is the platform I use to host programs, challenges, free guides and an ebook. I’ve used it for client portals for my one-on-one clients but currently use Dubsado for that.

For my health coaching business, I wish I would’ve found MemberVault sooner. It would’ve saved me alot of time and effort that I spent trying to make plugins work on my website.


I’ve tried several social media scheduling tools. For Instagram I’ve also used the Later scheduling tool and for Pinterest I’ve also used Tailwind. For Facebook I find the built in Facebook scheduling tool is the best to use. I like the layout and interface of Planoly for both Instagram and Pinterest better than Later. 

For Pinterest, Tailwind is probably the best, but they don’t offer a free plan so I use it for my health coach business where it helps me to drive a lot of traffic to my site. 

While using the built in schedulers in Facebook (which also works for Instagram) and Pinterest might reduce the number of tools I use, some of the features of Planoly are easier to use than the built in schedulers.


I use Canva for creating social media and website graphics. I’ve also used it for creating a number of free downloads and for creating worksheets for my paid programs. This is a tool that I would have a hard time replacing, although I haven’t tried any alternative.

Canva can also be used to schedule to social media, but so far I haven't found a nice way to make this work with my current workflow. 


This list of tools that I use gives you a snapshot of what I use in my business on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that these will be the right tools for your business, but it gives you a good idea to get started. 

If you are wondering what tech you need to get started, download this free guide.

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As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and virtual assistant I know what it takes to be successful in the wellness industry.

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