You have so many ideas for your wellness business. Perhaps you want to have one on one coaching, group programs and maybe even a membership. You want to be able to run challenges and maybe sell and ebook. But the tech to do all of these options might seem overwhelming. That’s why you should use MemberVault for your wellness business

What is MemberVault

MemberVault is a platform that you can use to host much of your wellness business. It is more than a course hosting platform, as they say on the website it’s a “home for your online business”. 

I’ve used MemberVault for almost a year for hosting my programs and free offers. In this article I explain many of the benefits of using MemberVault for your online programs, but MemberVault can do so much more. Let’s look at MemberVault in a little more detail and see how you can use it in your wellness business.

Hosting challenges

On of the first things I set up in MemberVault is free challenges. This meant that I could run them on autopilot or as live challenges when I wanted with very few changes to the set up.

I was on the Made With MV podcast explains how I used it to run my challenges with MemberVault so check this out to see how easy it is.

One advantage of hosting free challenges on MemberVault is that it allows your audience to get a really good idea of what it’s like to work with you before committing to your free offers.

Online programs

Before running programs on MemberVault I had programs loaded on my website that didn’t look very professional, didn’t integrate with my email platform so I had to do some manual steps every time, and were horrible to update. I’ve seen other coaches try to run programs from email and a Facebook group which is challenging 

MemberVault has an easy to use setup that integrates easily with most email providers. They also have powerful customization and gamification options which means you can reward active  users, provide bonuses and more.

You can set up free trials, drip starting on a certain date or based on when the user signs up. You can set it up so users have to finish a module before moving to the next. 

MemberVault also allows you to ask questions so you can keep your users engaged. And they have recently added a celebrate option that you can set for completing a module.


All of the features for online programs work for memberships.  The only thing that is lacking is a community option if you are trying to move a community off of Facebook. But customization is possible with MemberVault so you can add a community like Circle or even just a commenting option to your membership.

Free downloads

Unlike many course platforms MemberVault doesn’t have a limit to the number of products you have in the free option (just a limit to the number or users). This makes it ideal for adding your free downloads. 

PDFs can easily be stored in MemberVault so you don’t have to worry about a separate Amazon S3 or Dropbox account.

And the quiz feature gives you the opportunity to have more engagement than you normally would with someone who downloads your free offer.

Digital products

If you are selling printables, ebooks or other digital products MemberVault makes it easy.  Everything you can do with free downloads, you can also do with paid downloads. So if you are using something like SendOwl you can easily move your downloads to MemberVault.

Evergreen webinar

You can use MemberVault to embed video. So this makes it easy to show an evergreen webinar. Your users would use the same sign up options as for any other free or paid product. 

The only disadvantage of using MemberVault for this type of product is that MemberVault doesn’t provide video hosting. So videos need to be hosted on an external platform like YouTube, Vimeo or Loom. In ta future article I will explain the ins and outs of video hosting.

Live webinar

You can also use MemberVault for live webinars but it does require that you have a streaming tool like Streamyard. Or using a platform like Zoom to host the webinar. 

But MemberVault does allow you to easily get people to signup and then allow you to provide a replay. 

Collecting payments

One issue that you could end up with is how to collect payments for your programs and services. If you are on a discovery call with someone, you want to be able to direct them to a payment link for your services. You can have that already set up with MemberVault.

With MemberVault you can collect payments with Stripe or PayPal and they don’t take an additional fee. You can also easily offer different payment options (payment plans, recurring payments, free trials and coupons)

One on one client portals

In a future blog post I’m going to discuss some options for your one on one clients. MemberVault is one of those options. You can easily set up portals where you provide one on one client information and gather what you need from them.

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Email integration

MemberVault doesn’t send emails but it does offer easy email integration. For example when running a challenge you can send an email out linking to the lesson for each day of the challenge.

Customizing user experience

You can use MemberVault to make it seem like your audience is getting a custom experience but using actions that trigger depending on the user actions. Things like letting you know if someone has been viewing the sales page of  paid program that they don’t have access to repeatedly. That way you can reach out to the user and see if they want more information about the program.

Creating an exercise library

I’ve used MemberVault to create a library of exercise videos with written instructions. I can link to these within the programs and provide clients access to the library.

What you can’t do with MemberVault

As you can see I love this platform, but there are a few things you can’t do with MemberVault. 

  • MemberVault doesn’t send emails so you also need an email marketing platform
  • You will need a way to host videos
  • If you require that a waiver or contract is signed before you collect payment you will need to do some work arounds to use MemberVault.
  • If you send clients invoices, you will need to use another platform
  • If you have complicated tax collection you might need to use a different payment processor.
  • MemberVault’s landing pages are not as pretty as a platform like ClickFunnels but they can be customize and made to look pretty good, especially on mobile.


MemberVault is a great platform to use for your wellness business. Unlike many course platforms it has many uses. To get started with MemberVault you can download this free Quickstart guide.

Or if you’d like some help getting started with MemberVault check out my custom services.

About the Author

As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and virtual assistant I know what it takes to be successful in the wellness industry.

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