Running an online health coach business, can seem like there is a never ending stream of things to do. It can be hard to feel like you are productive when you are being pulled in several different directions.

This is a list of ways to be more productive with your health coaching business.

Use a timer

One of the best ways to increase your productivity is to set aside a time to work on something. Then set a timer and do nothing else. Put your phone in airplane mode and keep your email closed if you need to. 

You can use a stop watch, the timer on your phone or a Google extension like Toggl.

Take breaks

Taking breaks can actually make you more productive. So when your timer is done, take a break for a few minutes. But don’t use the break to check your email or social media. Use it to get up, move around or even stretch for a few minutes.

Use a task management system

A task management system is a good way to be more productive. This will keep you from forgetting to do things and allow you to quickly see at a glance what needs to get done. 

If you have a short time before a meeting you can check your to do list to see what you can quickly knock off your list.

Make a schedule that works for you

For a long time I heard that I should focus on content in the morning because that is the best time to do it. But that doesn’t work for me. I’ve found that my best time for content is actually the evening. 

I’ve also struggled with staying consistent on social media. So I schedule time every morning to work on social media tasks like scheduling, planning and creating posts.

productivity tips

Plan ahead

Planning takes time, but it also makes you more productive. By planning ahead you can schedule when you will work on certain tasks.

Make a routine

Routines are an important part of being more productive.  You can create a morning routine or an evening routine that will help you to be more productive. Perhaps your morning routine includes some exercise to help you focus more, or your evening routine includes a few minutes of preparing for the next day. 


Planning ahead also allows you to batch. You can batch writing blog posts, Instagram captions or creating coaching content. 

3 main things

If you are using a task management system you may find that your to do list is out of control. Every morning I like to look at what needs to get done this week and then decide on three main things to focus on that day. 

You can still tackle some of the smaller things on your to do list, but keeping the main focus to no more than three things will help you to feel less overwhelmed.

Client time and business time

Working with clients can be draining, so decide how you want to schedule this. It may be best to schedule one or two days a week for client calls or discovery calls. That way you will have the energy to focus on the business tasks when you need to.

Reduce distractions

If you are easily distracted then you will stay more productive by reducing the things that can distract you. That might mean leaving your phone somewhere else, not opening social media or email on your computer, or if you have a family around you might need to work when it’s quiet (or put your noise cancelling headphones on and listen to some music)


Automations can make you more productive. If there are tasks that you repeat time and again, then you can probably automate them. Tools like Zapier allow you to automate many different tasks.

You can also set up email automations to make you more productive. Use email automations when you want everyone to get the same emails at certain points in their customer journey. 

Get some fresh air

If you find yourself losing focus or getting easily distracted, then it might be time for an outdoor break. Spend a few minutes outside to refresh, or plan some outdoor exercise.


Exercise helps to boost brain power. Exercise increases the size of parts of the brain over the long term. In the short term, exercise helps to deliver oxygen to the brain. So if you suffer from an afternoon slump, then rather than having a coffee, take a 10 minute walk. Better yet, schedule some more intense exercise into your day.

Create Standard Operating Procedures

For those tasks that you can’t automate, having standard procedures will help you be more productive. A standard operating procedure is a set of tasks you use every time you do the same task. You can have one every aspect of your business.

Calendar management tools

Calendar management tools allow your clients and potential clients to book calls in available time slots in your schedule. This makes you more productive by saving you the back and forth emails especially when booking discovery calls.

Social media scheduling tools

Social media schedulers allow you to batch different parts of the social media posting process. You can batch all the captions at one time, batch all the photography or image creation and batch the posting to the schedulers. 

Batching will make you more productive because you are sticking with one type of task, instead of switching back and forth. You can set your social media process up in different categories - photography, stock image searching, caption writing, hashtag research, and scheduling. 

Get help

Last but not least, if you are spending too much time on administrative tasks and dealing with tech, then you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can help you be more productive by allowing you more time to focus on areas that only you can do. 

Hire A Virtual Assistant


It can be challenging to get things done, when you are working as a health coach. Using some of these tips might help you to increase your productivity. Let me know what helps you to be more productive. You can start being more productive by downloading this pack of Trello boards.

About the Author

As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and virtual assistant I know what it takes to be successful in the wellness industry.

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