Getting visitors to your wellness business website and social media sites is an important part of growing your wellness business. More visitors or more traffic means more opportunities to find your ideal client.

You’ve launched your new program or free offer and the result…


The problem might not be with the program or with your messaging but with the amount of people actually seeing your offer. You need to get more traffic to your website and your landing pages. 

In this article I explore ways of getting more traffic, and mores eyeballs on your awesome offers. 

Why do you need more traffic?

Sometimes getting clients is a numbers game. If you are starting with a free offer, the average conversion rate is between 5 and 15%. If your landing page really talks to your ideal client, then you might see something like 25 to 30 %. This means that at the low end if 100 people land on your opt in page, only 5 will sign up for the opt in. At the high end that might by 30 people. 

And of those 30 people you might see one sign up for a program. If you’ve really dialled in your offer and your discovery call technique. 

The problem is that especially when you are starting out, you might not be getting anywhere near 100 people seeing your landing page. And of the ones that do, very few will turn into paying clients.

Warm traffic and cold traffic

In marketing terms we speak of cold traffic and warm traffic. Cold traffic is when they don’t know you, or know what you do. Cold traffic would likely come from a search on Google, YouTube or Pinterest.

Warm traffic comes from people who follow you, people on your email list and people you’ve engaged with. A warm audience already knows you. And the warm audience will likely convert in paying clients more quickly. 

Of course I’m oversimplifying things here, but I just wanted you to understand that not all traffic is equal.

So let’s take a look at some common traffic sources.

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Social media

Social media includes sources like Facebook and Instagram. Although Pinterest is considered social media, I’ll discuss it under organic search since it behaves more like that..

Social media traffic is actually quite difficult to get. Facebook favours posts that keep the user on the platform and Instagram doesn’t make it easy to leave the platform with their single link. But when people do leave Facebook or Instagram to read a blog post or check out your free offer they are already quite motivated. They likely already know you and are interested to see what you have to offer.

And yes, sometimes you can get clients directly from social media. But you don’t want to rely on this all the time. Getting traffic means getting people on your email list which means you have an audience you can always talk to. 

Organic search

Organic search means visitors who find your website by looking on a search engine like Google. And the organic part means that you are not paying for it.

Organic search traffic is almost completely opposite to social media traffic. In this case the user doesn’t know you, but they are searching for answers. They want to solve a particular problem. They may come across your website through a search engine like Google. Or they might find a blog post that they can relate to from your Pinterest pins. Or if they like to watch video, then they might find a video you’ve done on YouTube.

Unfortunately with organic search, in the health and wellness space, it’s difficult to be seen. Most of the first results for any of the keywords in this space are likely taken up by sites like Mayoclinic, HealthLine and Medline. If you are targeting a local audience with in person services then you might be able to rank for your local audience. Something like personal trainer  in Calgary. 

Pinterest is a lot easier to rank for the search terms you are targeting.  You are generally competing with bloggers and podcasters, not with big wellness sites. 


Having your own podcast or being a guest on podcasts is a good way to get traffic to your free and paid offers. Podcast listeners get to know you a lot more than someone who reads your blog, so listeners will be a warmer audience. I was a recent guest on a podcast and a few weeks later someone booked a call with me after hearing me on the podcast. And she heard about the podcast on Pinterest.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not really intended as a traffic source, but as your list grows, it will be a way to get your weekly blog posts or your new free or paid offers in front of your audience. And this is great because if they are on your list they are becoming a warm audience.

Guest posting

Writing guest posts has two advantages when it comes to traffic for your website. You are writing the posts for a new audience and if they like what they read, they will probably check out your website or free offers. 

The second advantage is that It appears that Google favours sites with more links back to them. This gives your site more authority, but it does depend on the quality of the site linking to you.

website visitors


If you are a member of any organization with a members list make sure that your information is up to date and include a link to your website if possible. This is another opportunity for potential clients to find you and your website.

Paid traffic

For the most part I’ve talked about organic (free) traffic so far. But paid traffic opens up many other opportunities. You can use Facebook ads, Instagram boosted posts, Pinterest ads and even Google ads. 

Before starting with paid traffic of any kind make sure you have your free offers and sales pages dialled in. Don’t waste paid traffic on offers that are not already optimized. 

Also make sure that you have a plan when you are paying for traffic. Something vague like getting more traffic when you don’t know what you want to do with more traffic isn’t worth paying for. You really need to understand the numbers to understand if paid ads make sense for your business. 


Getting clients and growing your audience can be difficult if nobody sees your free or paid offers. That is why getting traffic to see your awesome offers is important for your business. Your website is one place where you want to get traffic. Make sure you are not making these 12 mistakes with your website.

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