December 8, 2020

Your health coach website is the storefront of your virtual coaching business and needs to represent you, but it also needs to show your potential customer that they are in the right place. It needs to be simple to navigate and it should be professionally designed. That doesn’t mean you can’t DIY it. Many of the best health coaching websites have been lovingly crafted by the health coach themselves. 

In this article you will find a simple guide to the pages you probably want to have on your health coach website. Using these pages will help make sure your ideal client knows that you are the right person to help them get results.

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Home Page

Your home page is your main storefront of your health coach website. It is often believed that it is the most visited but if you check your google analytics (link to how to set up google analytics) you may find otherwise.

This is the place where your clients come to find out more about your company. So it needs to be a good representation of your company. This is also the page that Google looks at to determine what your site is about.

Your home page should contain:

  • A clear headline stating who you help and how you help them.
  • A call to action – what do you want the potential client to do when they land on your home page. The best call to action usually leads to an opt in of some type.
  • A picture of you. Your clients want to know who they are working with.
  • More text explaining how you can help


This page is where your potential clients will often decide if they want to work with you. But it’s not really about you. It’s about how you can help them, how you can solve their problems. 

You do include your story, but in a way that clients will find it relatable. They should see themselves in your story. Making your website about you instead of ideal clients problem is one of the common mistakes that health coaches make. Click the image below to download a guide to the 12 most common website mistakes.


This is where your your clients might come to get in touch with you. Unfortunately I’ve also found it is more likely that scammers will use the form to try to sell you their services. You can also include links to your social media accounts so clients can reach out to you that way.

Services/ Work With Me

Use this page to highlight your coaching services. Three different offerings is a good idea. These could include:

  • a low end or free offer
  • A group coaching program 
  • One:one coaching

For the first two you should provide a brief description of the offer and a link to the sales page or landing page. For one on one coaching you are likely to want to include a link to book a call. 

Content (Blog, Podcast notes, Video posts)

Many health coaches overlook the importance of this part of your website. But it might actually be where most of your traffic comes to your site. That is the case for my health coaching business. If you use Pinterest as a traffic source , then your leads will be coming to your content pages, not your home page.

This also your chance to show your authority and for clients to get to know you and what you stand for. You can also use this as another opportunity to link to your opt in to get more people on your email list. 

Do you need to have a blog? No, a blog is not the only type of content. Many people prefer podcasts or video content. But you can create a page for each podcast episode with show notes and links, or a page for each YouTube video embedded into it. 

Testimonials page

Your testimonials page is another place for authority building, this time by showing past results. If you don’t have testimonials yet, then some ideas are:

  • screen shots of nice things people have said on Facebook
  • Screen shots of emails thanking you for your help

You can also include things like places you have guest posted or been a podcast guest as more social proof.

Privacy policy

Your privacy policy is now an important page on your website. To remain GDPR compliant you need to have one and link to it anytime you request information like an email address from someone. Ideally, it has been reviewed by a lawyer, but you can get away with using a template. You can find plugins on WordPress that add legal pages to your site.

Terms and conditions

Your terms and conditions page is another legal page that you should have. This is where you can put disclaimers and refund policies. You can also use templates to generate your terms and conditions, but make sure it says what you really want.

I link to the privacy policy and terms and conditions in the footer of my site. And this is where people most expect to find these pages.


Your health coach website is where your ideal client will come to find out how you can help her. Make sure it is easy for her to find her way through your site and decide that you are the right person to help her.


The 5 Most Important Pages of Your Website

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