You might be wondering how a virtual assistant can help your wellness business. If you are like many entrepreneurs, you probably feel like you should be doing everything yourself, but hiring a VA can free up so much time. Time that you can spend doing coaching, creating content and engaging with your ideal client instead of on things you don’t like and probably are not very good at.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who provides virtual support for your online business. They can perform many tasks depending on their specialty so look for one who meets your needs. For example. I specialize in helping with technology like websites, email automation and online course creation. 

When the virtual assistant industry got its start VAs were generally virtual administrative assistants, performing the type of admin work that had been done by admins in person. But as the online business world has grown, so has the virtual assistant industry so now you can easily find someone who can take care of your needs.

Administrative tasks

If you ever worked in corporate then these are the tasks that you would’ve had a secretary do. Administrative tasks include managing your inbox, 

Website help

There is a broad range of support that a VA can provide for your website. Here are some ways a VA can help:

Website creation – Many VAs now specialize in this so if the thought of creating a website for your business has you stuck, then look to a VA

Blog/ content posting – You can easily hand off your blog posting tasks like adding the content and images to the website. If you create posts for your podcast, a VA can take over this task as well.

Website updates – If your website has been up for a while, then chances are you need some updates. You can let a VA handle things like making sure your blog posts are updated, your links are all still working and your plug-ins are up to date.

Website maintenance – Or better yet, hire a VA to do monthly maintenance on your website to keep everything up to date.

Website audits – Some VAs can do website audits to make sure your website is performing the way it should.

Sales pages

You can find a virtual assistant who specializes in sales pages, either in creating great copy (although you would be more likely looking for a copywriter) or in assembling great looking sales pages for your website or whichever sales page tool you use.

Email marketing management

If you have a great email sequence ready, you can hire a VA to implement the automation  in your email marketing platform. You can also have a VA send out your weekly content updates. Choose a VA who is familiar with the email platform you use.

Weekly content updates

Once you have created your weekly blog post (or other content) you can hand it off to a virtual assistant who can create images, publish the blog post, share on social media and send it in a weekly newsletter. 

Webinar Assistance

Do you want your webinar/ workshop to run as smoothly as possible? Have a VA on hand to answer questions and to fix any last minute tech challenges, so you can concentrate on delivering the webinar.


If you are creating new content, you might use a VA to do some research for you. Or you might use a VA to do some competitor research. You could also have a VA do some market research.

Social media management

Posting on social media on a regular basis can take a lot of time. This is a good task to hire out to a virtual assistant

Writing blog posts

If you have an assistant who has some experience in the wellness industry, they can even create blog posts for you. You can provide the topic and some notes or research you have done and allow the virtual assistant to create and publish the blog post.

Video editing or podcast editing

If your preferred form of content is audio or video, then you know that much of the time spent creating this type of content lies in the editing. Why not hire this out to someone who is skilled with editing so you have a professional looking video or podcast.

What Tech Do You Need?

To start and grow your wellness business

How do you find a VA?

Before looking for a VA, make sure that your business is ready for a VA. You might find that purchasing templates and DIY courses are a better option right now. 

When looking for a VA you might need to look for other things like tech support, work press support or social media management because many people who work in the VA industry choose to call themselves something different. Start by asking for recommendations in a Facebook or LinkedIn group. 

Did you know that I’m a VA? And since I’m also a nutrition coach and personal trainer, I know what is needed in the wellness industry. Right now I’m offering launch specials for the first 20 clients. You can get more information about my services and book a call here. 

About the Author

As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and virtual assistant I know what it takes to be successful in the wellness industry.

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