September 29, 2021

MemberVault is one of the best platforms for hosting courses and other digital products. And it’s not just about the price, although they are probably the most cost effective solution out there. 

One thing that makes MemberVault so attractive is it’s user engagement options. MemberVault Actions feature is a great way to increase user engagement and to make your life so much easier.

What are MemberVault Actions

Actions are a way in MemberVault that you can customize the user experience to do different things. You use triggers to start an Action. It’s a simple When this happens, Do this structure. In some ways like an automation platform like Zapier, but tied to your MemberVault account. 

Actions can be used to communicate with your email marketing platform, provide users with bonus content, allow course upsells and different membership tiers. 

Why you should use Actions

MemberVault Actions allow you to provide a customized user experience but they also allow you to automate much of the process. 

MemberVault is not an all in one platform like Kajabi, but this can be one of the strengths of MemberVault and Actions helps you to take advantage of this. You can use actions to help you use the features of your email marketing system as well as MemberVault. 

You can choose from several different email marketing platforms that integrate with MemberVault. This allows you to choose the platform that is the best for your business. And then you can use Actions to integrate with it. And to make the most out of both platforms.

How to use them

This section assumes that you already have a MemberVault account. But if you don’t this section will also give you some idea of the power of MemberVault actions. 

To use Actions you can go to the Actions tab in your Navigation bar, or you can set actions in each individual product. 

You can use Actions for the following tasks and more.

Add users to your email provider 

Not only do you use actions to add a user to your email list, but you can use actions to make sure they are tagged or added to the right group. This way instead of using the limited email options of the course platform you have all the power of your email marketing platform.

Add an upsell

If you want to do an upsell, like additional coaching sessions to a group program. You can add this as a second payment option. Then using actions you can add them to a second product where they can book the coaching sessions or have an email go to them based on the tag.

Create a bundle product

What if you have several low cost products you want to bundle together. You can create a single product that when purchased adds the user to all the products in the bundle. 

Get notified when a lesson is completed

You can even add tags based on completion of a module or lesson, so you can congratulate a user or send them to the next step. This way you make it seem much more personal.

Add a celebration when a lesson or module is completed

Everyone likes to celebrate. You can add a celebration that pops up with confetti when an important lesson is completed. 

Add bonuses based on user engagement

You can use actions to add users to a bonus product based on how engaged they are in your main product.

Get notified

Do you want to be aware of everything happening in your programs or just some things? You can have MemberVault actions send you an email to let you know a lesson has been completed, or has answered questions. You can even set up actions to let you know when someone has been checking out a product they don’t own.

What makes them different

MemberVault makes it easy for you to look like you are always on top of things. Unlike other course platforms,  with actions you can create a more custom experience for your users. And by setting notifications for yourself you can stay on top of everything happening.


Actions help to make MemberVault a more customizable platform and they help you to provide a more hands on user experience.

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As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and virtual assistant I know what it takes to be successful in the wellness industry.

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