February 9, 2023

Having multiple email accounts will simplify your business and your life. This is a case where more is actually better (at least to a point).

In this article we’ll look at the reasons for having multiple email accounts and how you can get multiple email accounts.

Having multiple email accounts allows you to separate areas in your business and in your personal life so things can be streamlined and categorized.

Privacy and Security

If you're using the same email account for everything you do, then a security breach can compromise multiple accounts. Especially if you make the mistake of using the same password. 


One of the main reasons for having multiple email accounts is for testing. I like to be able to try things out before making it public, whether it’s my projects or client projects. But often it’s harder to sign in to an account as a user when you’re already the admin. 

Having at least one extra email account allows you to make sure everything is working. You might want to see what a email campaign looks like, check a new automation to make sure it works, or check reminder emails for your appointment booking. 

One example I have of this is testing a new automation with conditional content in MailerLite. Even when you allow someone to go through an automation more than once, they only allow once per day. So having multiple email addresses lets you test the automation more than once.

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Personal vs business

Separating personal life from business life is important when it comes to email. You don’t want to miss important business emails that can get lost in the mess of your personal emails. On the other hand you may decide that you're not checking business email on weekends or evenings. This will make it much easier.

Another reason is that a branded business email looks more professional than a gmail address. Even yourbusinessname@gmail.com seems like a business that is just starting out.

Domain vs gmail

On that note, you should have at least one email associated with your domain for a few reasons. Aside from looking more professional than a gmail or yahoo account, the emails you send will be less likely to get marked as spam if they are coming from a domain email address. If you’re using an email marketing platfrom having a yourname@yourcompanyname.com email is something you’ll want to do.

Client vs inquiries

If you are setting up multiple domain email addresses why not set up one for clients and one for general inquiries. That way you can prioritize checking the client emails if you like or at least separate these out. So you can quickly scan through your client emails without the requests from people who'd like to write a guest blog post. 

It also helps if you decide to outsource and want to be able to give a VA one email account to manage.

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Newsletter subscriptions

This is something I wish I had done a long time ago. It doesn’t need to be a branded email address. A free account is fine for this purpose. Use this email for subscribing to email lists, every time you download a free guide or sign up for a free webinar.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that it helps to keep your business and personal emails free for their purposes. The second reasons is that it helps to see if you are being illegally added to a list that you haven’t subscribed to. You’d be surprised how often this happens, but usually it’s just passed off as I must’ve forgot I subscribed. 

I've even heard of people who create a new email address for bundles that they sign up for. That allows them to keep everything from that particular bundle in one place.

How to get multiple email accounts

You can set up multiple free accounts with webmail providers like gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or AOL. 11 Best Free (& Private) Email Accounts & Service Providers of 2023. Or if you have a domain registered you might be able to create extra accounts that way. Some domain providers will allow unlimited email addresses associated with the domain. SiteGround and Google domains both offer a large number of included email addresses with their domain and hosting accounts. 

I recommend having a combination of domain and webmail accounts. The webmail accounts are useful for seeing things like if your emails are ending up in the promotions tab, or spam.


Multiple email accounts may seem like you’ll have more things to take care of, but in reality multiple email accounts can’t simplify so many things. It can make your life and your business more productive. If you need help setting up your email and your email marketing platform, book a free call to find out how I can help.

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