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Before you go, my Wellness Business Planner will take you to the next level by helping you plan the tech for the 4 key areas of your business!
It's the perfect compliment to What Tech Do You Need
  • Save time deciding what platforms you need for each area of your business if you are just starting out
  • Looking to simplify or grow an existing business, this guide will help you take things to the next step
  • Save money by eliminating overlap for your tech platforms
  • Make your business work for you and your unique needs 


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This jam packed resource will help you ...

Reduce overwhelm so your wellness business will run with ease

Understand how to evaluate the tech tools you need for each area of your business

Plan for your future, by picking the tools that can grow with your business

Sherry has been an absolute God send!! What would I do without her, I don't know.  She is efficient, fast, reliable, AMAZING! I would completely recommend her to anyone needing help in their business with anything at all and of course tech. Thank you Sherry, I'm so glad I found you!


What you'll receive

The tools you need most

Descriptions of over 60 tech platforms and software you can use for your wellness business

Detailed checklists

Decide what matters most for you with detailed checklists for each area of your business

The 4 key areas of your business

Different areas of your business require different tools. You'll discover what tools work best for each.

Your business is unique

You'll see the tools that work best for the type of business you have now, and the one you want.

This planner will help you make sense of the tech you need


Only $7

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Hi I'm Sherry Smilar

I’m a nutrition coach and personal trainer turned virtual assistant. I specialize in things related to technology needed to run your business smoothly. After helping many wellness business be successful I know what works and what doesn't.