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Building trust is one of the first steps to getting people who don’t know you to work with you. In your wellness business. Offering a lead magnet or free offer is one of the first steps in this trust building process. A tripwire can be the next step.

Tripwires are also known as one time offers since they are usually offered only when someone has signed up for your lead magnet.

What is a tripwire?

A tripwire is an offer made immediately after someone signs up for your free offer. It is usually found on the thank you page, but can also be offered in the email sequence.

This is usually a low cost offer that solves a problem similar to the lead magnet but goes more in depth. It is your potential client’s next step in the journey. 

Tripwires often have countdown timers so the offer is only made for a limited time. The time that the offer is available depends on the price of the offer. 

You can use an existing low cost offer and offer a limited time discount or create a product that is only available as a tripwire.

Why you should have a tripwire in your wellness business

You may be wondering what purpose a tripwire serves in your business.  They are not intended to be a large part of your income, but they can help to offset some costs. The main purpose is to get your potential client to spend some money, even if it’s only $7. People are more likely to invest larger amounts if they have started with a small investment. 

People who have spent money with you are also more likely to remember you than if they have downloaded a free guide that might’ve skimmed before moving on.

Tripwires also help to filter out the freebie seekers from people who are actually willing to invest money in their health. That doesn’t mean you should ignore people who don’t purchase, but you might want to pay more attention to people who do.

How is a tripwire different than an upsell?

An upsell is typically offered on a purchased product, usually at the time of purchase. While a tripwire is offered on a free product. You can offer an upsell on a tripwire if you like. 

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Tripwire ideas

Tripwires should be a low cost product that relates to the free offer. But it should also lead to your higher priced offers like your 1:1 coaching. Think of a tripwire as a stepping stone for your client on their path.

They can take the form of an ebook, a short course, a recorded workshop, or a challenge. Because of the low cost they shouldn’t require much involvement from you. But it should have more beef to it than your free offer. Unlike your free offer, your tripwire should answer the how question. 

Some tripwire ideas could be: 

  • A simple course or workshop on meal planning or meal preparation
  • A bundle of audio meditations
  • A challenge with more substance or longer than a free challenge, maybe featuring daily workouts or recipes
  • An ebook of recipes to help your client deal with a certain condition like celiac, IBS, etc.

What should you charge for your tripwire?

The price of your tripwire will depend on several things:

  • The value of the offer. Although you are usually offering a tripwire for much less than its value.
  • What your audience is willing to pay
  • Typical prices for tripwires are anything between $5 and $99, but they are usually on the lower end.
  • The price of your main offer. If your main offer is high ticket, then the tripwire price can be higher. But it may be better to offer a mid priced product between your tripwire and high end coaching. Or offer an upsell on your tripwire.

How to set up a tripwire

How you set up the actual product will depend on the format, so I won’t discuss the details here. For a tripwire, the important part is how the offer is made.

The ideal place for the tripwire sales page is your free offer thank you page. You can create a separate sales page for the tripwire and redirect your thank you page to this. The wording is often something like:

Your free guide is on its way to your inbox,

But before you go …

(And then present the tripwire offer.)

You can see this type of page in action with my What tech do you need? free guide.

Countdown timer

This is not essential, but adding a sense of urgency is useful. You’ll want to include an evergreen countdown timer if you are using one. These types of countdown timers allow the offer to be shown for a certain amount of time after landing on the page. 

The timing of the countdown timer should be short, 20 minutes is often used. However, if you have priced your tripwire higher then a longer timer may be necessary.

Choose a countdown timer that will redirect to a different page (like the full price page for the product) when it expires. 

WordPress has several countdown timers available. Leadpages allows evergreen countdown timers. You can change the prices or other content after the timer has expired. 

If you want to make sure your timer is working perfectly, Deadline Funnels is a system that makes sure all timers the user sees are synced and that they don’t reset.

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Email sequence

You’ll want to add the purchaser of this product to an email sequence. As with any product purchased, an email with login or access details is essential. You also might want your follow up to be different from the email sequence going out to non purchasers. It’s a good idea to not present the same offer to someone who has purchased the tripwire product.


A tripwire helps to turn your interested audience into buyers, who will be more engaged and more likely to purchase your higher end products. It also helps you establish who to spend more energy on. Tripwires also provide a small boost to your revenue

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