April 27, 2021

As a health coach you are probably an expert in things related to your niche. You can talk for ages about your area of expertise, but when it comes to tech, you might not be quite as savvy.   This can be dangerous in several ways. That’s why I created this list of tech terms for health coaches.

If you are looking to hire someone to help you with tech, they might see that you are not very tech savvy and decide they can do a lousy job and you won’t notice or try to impress you with terms you have never heard of. They can also use the terms to make excuses when things don’t perform the way you expect. 

I’ve tried to keep this list to tech terms. In the coming weeks I’ll post a list of marketing terms.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of making your website easier for search engines (like Google) to find. 


Traffic usually refers to the number of people who visit your website, but it could also refer to the number of people who visit your social media posts and account. You can improve website traffic by using SEO.


Keywords are the words or phrases that you wish your blog post or website to be found for. So if your target audience is menopausal women, then menopause might be one keyword you use.


Any process that is done automatically without your intervention is an automation. Automations can include email automations that are triggered when someone signs up for your email list. Or it could be a social media scheduling tool that automatically publishes your posts when scheduled.

Website optimization

Website optimization is the process of improving your website to get more traffic, to keep traffic on your site for longer and to keep people coming back to your site and eventually making purchases (if you use your website to generate sales).

File size

Everything on your computer and on the web has a size. Size is measured in bytes (usually megabytes, or gigabytes). File size is important for a couple of reasons. If you are paying for storage, then you will pay more if your files are larger. File size also determines speed. Larger files and images take longer to download, or longer to appear on your screen. 

tech terms health coaches need to know


Images on computer screens and digital devices are made of pixels. If you zoom out an image you will eventually be able to see the individual pixels. So an image size is listed by the number of pixels (like 1080 x 1080 for an Instagram post).  There is a tradeoff between making an image more clear and keeping the size smaller for faster speed. 

Image format

But image size isn’t the only thing that determines website speed. The format of the images is also important. The two most common image formats are PNG and JPEG. PNG images tend to be better resolution but higher 


Font refers to the typeface or style of your printed content whether on paper or on a screen. There are several aspects to consider when choosing fonts. Readability, and style are two of the most important.



CSS is short for cascading style sheets. While HTML is used to define the structure of your website, CSS is used to style how it looks. Your theme, some plugins and page builders use CSS to change how the website is displayed. You can also use CSS to customize things on your website or with other platforms you use. I use CSS to make my MemberVault site look different than the standard site.


HTML is the language used to create web pages. Your website builder and plugins will take care of HTML code for the most part, but you might need to add a piece of HTML code to make forms or other add ons work. Generally you can find a plugin that will take care of that for you.


Javascript is another language used on websites. It is used to add interactive elements like pop ups. You likely won’t need to deal with it, but it is good to understand a little about how someone else created the pieces you are using.


What Tech Do You Need

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If you use social media or Google you have probably heard the term algorithm. And contrary to popular opinion it doesn’t mean something the platform does to make it harder for you to get traffic. An algorithm is simply a set of rules that a computer program uses. So in the case of Google, the algorithm is how Google determines how websites rank for search terms. 


If you are a numbers person you might get excited about analytics of any kind. If not, even the word might cause you to run away screaming. But analytics is the information you need to make the best choices in your business. One example is Google Analytics which helps you to see how you are getting website visitors so you can make changes to improve your traffic.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is a way of providing an extra layer of security (beyond passwords) to your accounts. This may be the security question you are asked when you log in to your bank or the passcode you receive by text message when you log in to your website. You may want to set this up for anything that you want to have especially secure, like your website, payment processor or banking information. 



Cache is a temporary storage on your computer, phone or the web. It allows websites that are visited often to load faster because some of the website is stored in cache. It can also allow you to save data on your phone because apps and websites have some information already loaded.

One downside of using cache is that it if you are making changes to your website they may not appear because you are seeing a cached version. 



A cookie is a piece of data placed on a computer by a website. They allow the website to remember things like login information, Because cookies can store personal information if your website uses cookies you will need to include this information in your privacy policy and probably include a cookie notification.

Pop up

You are probably familiar with pop ups. The annoying box that opens up on many websites asking you to subscribe before you have even had a chance to see if the content is what you are looking for. Pop ups can help you to get more sign ups, but be careful with how you use them.


If you have a WordPress website then plugins can be used to add different features to your website.  But be cautious with installing too many plugins on your site (especially ones that duplicate tasks). This can end up slowing down your website, or website crashes if plugins are not kept up to date. 


Of course this isn’t every tech term you might need to know. But hopefully this will get you started. If you have questions about any of these terms or other tech terms comment below. And if you are wondering what tech you need to get your wellness business going download this free guide.

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