The popular course platform MemberVault has just released their new Pages feature. So you may be wondering how you can use this feature for your business. 

A brief explanation of the MemberVault Pages feature

Pages provides the creator with a clean page that has no product header (like the promo text) and is not part of a product. They can be visible or invisible in the main menu.

Pages are available on the free and paid plans and don’t count towards the product count.  They are created using a simple text editor or with custom code.

Users will see the pages feature in a couple of different ways. Pages are now available through the hamburger menu, but I find a lot of people don’t use this menu unless they’re on mobile. The second way to use the Pages feature is by linking to the page.

So now that these pages are available, here are five ways you can use them to enhance your MemberVault account.

About me

When people land on my MemberVaultI’ve struggled with having a place for an About Me page in my MemberVault. You can link to a lesson in an invisible product, or link to an external page, but there was no ideal place.

Now with pages you can easily create an About Me page that can be seen in your menu, or can be linked to in either your welcome page or in your footer.

Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy

When someone signs up for a product on MemberVault, they have to agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy (unless you add them with an external process).  Like the About Me page there was no easy place to add this. Now you can easily add this to your MemberVault account with a page.

Opt in / sales page

If you want an Opt in or sales page that doesn’t include the MV header like the promo text does, and don’t want to use an external sales page, then a page might be the right option for you.

A drag and drop block editor is not available yet, so if you use this option you’ll need to settle for images and headings to make your page pretty or use custom CSS to style the page the way you’d like.

memembervault pages feature

A resource page

As a course provider you may want to offer resources external to MemberVault. Perhaps you are a fitness coach and would like to offer links to fitness products that members can use with your programs. A page is the perfect place to do this. 

A nutrition coach might offer a page of meal prep and cooking tools or a page of healthy meal order companies. 

Contact Me page

Your contact information can be included in your footer, but you could create a whole page for this.  You can embed a form to collect to collect information. The form from your appointment booking software could be used, or use a widget provider like Elfsight for a Contact form.


These are just a few ideas for how you can use pages. Hopefully this helps you to create something special on your MemberVault site. If you need help using pages or any other part of your MemberVault site, I offer custom MemberVault setup services. You can set up a call, or request more information here.

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