As a health coach or fitness professional you may have decided that creating digital products are a good way to reach more people and to provide multiple income streams. If your primary way to work with clients has been one on one coaching or group coaching programs then you may want to consider digital products. 

What are digital products

Digital products are any products that can be purchased and used entirely online. They differ from physical products in that they are not something you can hold, or touch. But that doesn’t make them less valuable.

Advantages of digital products

There are several advantages to offering digital products as part of your health coaching experience. The advantage depends on the type of product you offer, but here are some of the advantages:

  • They can bring in revenue on autopilot. Actually it’s not quite that easy, but you can offer digital products that 
  • They are usually sold at a much lower price than your one on one coaching experience which means that you can help people who can’t afford your one on one coaching, or are not ready to take the plunge into one on one.
  • You can use them to establish your expertise and bring potential clients into your world
digital products

Types of digital products

I’ll start this list with some low cost, low maintenance products, and move to higher cost and higher maintenance products.


You may already have offered a short ebook as a lead magnet. A longer ebook can be something you sell. Ebooks do take a lot of work to put together, but once they are done, they take no effort on your part to sell. They can also be offered as a trip wire type of product after someone opts in to your email list.


Like ebooks workbooks can also make good lead magnets, but they are also something that you can offer as a low cost product. 


Planners are similar to workbooks, but specifically focused on planning. This could be a meal planning workbook, an exercise planner, or a habit planner.


If you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor consider turning workouts or workout plans into digital products. These could be as simple as recording yourself while doing the workouts, or more complicated and more personalized workouts for people to follow.


If you focus on a niche that people want to learn more about, then you might want to offer an e-course. It could be a course on meal planning around your niche, a course on cooking with more vegetables, or a course on using essential oils. 


Short 5-7 day challenges are often offered as free challenges. But longer challenges (21-30 days) make great low cost products. Think of these as a short coaching program with a very specific goal.

DIY coaching programs

You can also offer DIY programs that are longer than challenges, but offer less support from you. You’ll still want to be available to answer some questions or even provide monthly or weekly coaching calls. 


Free workshops can be used as a way to help sell some of your higher end digital products, but you can also offer workshops for sale. 


Memberships allow you to provide ongoing support for your clients. And they also provide recurring revenue for you. But memberships usually rely on you providing monthly content and ongoing support. 

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Where to host digital products

Therre are several options for hosting digital products. If you have an ebook, workbook or planner then a platform like SendOwl or PayHip works well. But if your digital product is more complicated or you have multiple products then a course platform is the best option. I use MemberVault to host my digital products. It is flexible enough to host just about any product you can think of.


Digital products can take on many forms. Even if you mostly see in person clients you can create a digital product to use with your wellness business. If you need help planning your digital product journey, book a free call to see how I can help.

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