Calling all health coaches, fitness professionals and other wellness business owners who want happy and successful clients

5 Things That Hurt Your Client Experience

A great client experience is key to Happy and successful Clients

But when Your Clients are Confused Or Overwhelmed by the Process They Won't Be Successful

Hi I'm Sherry Smilar

I'm a nutrition coach and personal trainer turned virtual assistant.

I help personal trainers, health coaches and other wellness professionals setup, optimize and grow their online programs, courses and memberships.

I've helped many online businesses so I've had a behind the scenes look at what works and what doesn't. And I've had direct experience creating online coaching products for my coaching business. 

Sherry has been an absolute God send!! What would I do without her, I don't know. 

Vicki Witt - Clinical Nutritionist

Your guide includes:

The 5 Mistakes you might be making
A simple checklist to help you plan 
What you can do to make your client experience awesome