If You Are Struggling With Tech Overwhelm While Trying To Get Your Wellness Business On Track Then You Are In The Right Place.

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I'm Sherry Smilar

I’m a virtual assistant for wellness businesses. I help health coaches, personal trainers and other coaches with the tech side of their businesses. 

I also offer templates, guides and spreadsheets to help you DIY it.

But before I tell you more...

Let's start with you...

You're here because you need help with your wellness business. Does this sound familiar?

  • You can't keep up with everything you need to do to make your business successful
  • Creating email campaigns, automations, landing pages, pdfs, and programs takes up way to much of your valuable time
  • Your website is a mess because you haven't updated anything, you have too many plugins and you have no idea where to start

If any (or all) of these apply, then you are in the right place

I know the wellness business

Before becoming a tech VA, I was a nutrition coach, personal trainer and fitness instructor. So I know the industry.  

While I love working in the wellness industry, I love the tech even more. 

When I started my health coaching business, I had no idea about email lists and opt ins, I hardly used social media and I’d never created a website. I was an engineer before I moved to the wellness industry so technology didn’t scare me, but the online world was new and baffling. 

I found that many business experts promoted expensive platforms because they earned a commission. Some had little understanding of technology themselves. It was difficult to sift through the misinformation and biases to find out what was important. 

I created Simple Wellness Tech to help health coaches and fitness pros create and grow their online presence. I currently help clients with things like:

  • Website design and maintenance
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Working with course and coaching platforms

Fun Facts
  • I live just out side of Calgary, Canada
  • I'm an avid mountain biker but I've gotten super cautious
  • My husband and I have been restoring a 1974 Airstream travel trailer
  • I love travelling, whether it's just out to the mountains or around the globe